Books and More Books

This is next up and coming out September 1st!

Well, I wrote 2500 words on United Shifter Force Christmas, yay! But then remember all those false starts? Well, I used one to add to the story and worked it in, and then I added another. I have another to add in today, so see? They weren’t a waste of time after all. They just needed to be told later in the story. So I ended up with 5,000 words yesterday. Yay! Minimum word count for a novella for me is 20K, but I normally get anywhere from 23-30K. Once I begin adding Christmas elements–right now it’s all about mystery, murder, and issues between them–it will begin to add up. Setting details usually come later for me. I just jump in with action and dialogue at first. So that means I have about 15K at minimum left to write. That sounds really doable. If I could just work and not have any interruptions (going to IKEA with my daughter today–we haven’t gone in 2 years and it’s kind of our special once a year fun thing to do), just think? If I could keep on with the story and write 5,000 a day (I know, pipe dream), but I could have it done by the end of the week, and then I could get started on the red wolf Christmas story which is due Oct 1.

Soooo, I’m thrilled to be getting somewhere with this!

And I bought another book cover that I need to do something with.

I. Have. An. Addiction.

Book cover buying. lol

My problem is I see one I really love and at a great price and I have to get it. The bad thing is I don’t have a story in mind. Why am I even looking for covers then? If I don’t look, I won’t be tempted. Exactly! And I haven’t looked in months. BUT, I have stories I’m writing that I DO need covers for. *sigh* I have a couple I won’t mind replacing that are really generic also or don’t suit the story either.

But I can’t find any that I need. So I end up making my own. I’d be very happy to have a cover artist do them instead and just keep writing. I love making them, but still, I feel some artists way exceed my ability. Some don’t though! And they still charge a lot. When I’ve had custom covers made, I haven’t liked the models, so I would just rather see the models in a premade cover and if the other elements work, buy it.

The real problem is that many of the artists’ work that I love are doing high epic fantasy. Women in fantasy outfits–urban fantasy–not like anything real people wear, or long flowing gowns, then if they feature shifter animals, they have glowing eyes. Glowing eyes? What’s up with that? Or the women are carrying swords (which is okay for my vampire series), but then they cover them with magical glowing light, or shooting magic out of their fingertips. I need normal, but paranormal. My shifters blend in with the world. Their wild halves are just like the ones in the wild–the cougars, jaguars, bears, and wolves. Their human halves blend in too, everyday wear, just like the rest of us.

My fae can wear whatever they want and have magic and such, but that is a YA series, and most of the women look like sexpots, and not teens. Which is fine for adult romance but…

I have had more success with finding some great covers for the YA series. I have a couple of covers I’d like to replace that I had done too, which was another reason I was looking, but of course I couldn’t find anything that would work.

Okay, I’m off to write before I have to leave with my daughter to have fun!

Have a super, non-addictive day, unless it’s just for fun.


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