Bear Shifters

You had to know the bears were coming, didn’t you?

Rob MacMathan and his brother and a friend run the White Bear Wilderness Adventures Tour, White Wolf Falls, where polar bear shifters have staked a claim. This is their last tour group of the season, but when photojournalist, Alicia Raycroft, touches Rob and envisions what he sees, though her paranormal abilities deal with psychometry, whereas he’s clairvoyant, they’re both stunned. He witnesses a fight with an enraged grizzly; she sees a polar trying to eat her, which he interprets to mean he’s wearing his polar bear coat and trying to save her. In no way can he reveal the truth to her. Yet, just that connection between them pushes them to go beyond his self-imposed boundaries with both a client and a human.

Alicia is fascinated with Rob, not only because he’s rugged and handsome and just as interested in her, he intrigues her like no other man has ever done when her touching him reveals he has abilities like she has. She envisions a white bear coming for her as snow swirls about her in the Alaskan wilderness, yet she’s determined to take this trek even if it’s her last. She believes fate is predetermined and nothing she will do can change the outcome anyway. Alicia and Rob are already headed down one dangerous path, so why not risk a chance at love too? Only he has more dark secrets he’s unwilling to share.

Claiming the White Bear

Christmas background with stars and snowy fir trees

A Romeo-Juliet type family feud, polar bear style, tore them apart; can they find true love again?

It’s nearly Christmas, no tours on the schedule for Edward MacMathan and his brother and so they’re working in their uncle and aunt’s tavern when the love of Edward’s life returns with two young boys in tow, and they look a lot like him when he and Rob were that age. Robyn Conibear is in trouble and she’s fled her deceased mate’s sleuth to keep his parents from taking custody of her and Edward’s sons.

Can she and Edward renew the love they had for each other despite the six years that have passed? Or will her return only cause more grief between her family and his as the hostilities renew?

But Edward is the boys’ true father and she wants to be with him no matter what. Likewise, Edward is determined to protect her and the boys, both from her former mate’s sleuth and her own, and take up where the two of them had left off.




45 thoughts on “Bear Shifters

    • Hopefully early. 🙂 I’m working on Taming to come out in Oct, but still need to write Covert Cougar Christmas for Oct and need to turn in Jaguar Christmas story for Nov. So I figure I’ll get started on it by Nov/Dec and maybe have it ready by March. 🙂

  1. Awesome!! Looking forward to some kick ass reading from you!! CANNOT WAIT!! Any other paranormal’s you thinking about writing? wink wink…no pressure here!!

    • lol!!! I don’t know how I missed this. 🙂 ❤ Covert Cougar Christmas will be in the 21 bestselling author anthology December 1st, Alphas Unwrapped and it's only 99 cents right now. 🙂

      And Silver Wolf Christmas is coming in October. 🙂

    • lol, I keep wanting to write it. The characters are talking to me, but have a book due Nov 1, Jaguar Christmas, so need to focus. LOL 🙂 But the bears are definitely calling me. 🙂 ❤

  2. woohoo can’t wait until dec for the bears yay
    but then again I can’t wait for any of your books I always buy them the day they come out just like I do miss Christine feehan and lynsay sands so you are one of the top 3 authors I love

  3. Will Loving the White Bear be in Paper Back book form? Are your Cougar books in Paper Back? I can only find them on-line.

    Just picked up my pb copy of A Very Jaguar Christmas, can’t wait to start reading it.

  4. Hi, Sue, the cougars are in trade paperback. You can order them online. The bear shifter will be the same way. 🙂 Thanks on A Very Jaguar Christmas!! I hope you love it! 🙂 ❤

    • Oh, absolutely!! I’m still trying to finish up Billionaire Wolf Christmas and just got edits on All’s Fair in Love and Wolf. I promised the next Highlander story (My Highlander) and then the next bear story is on the agenda! 🙂 ❤ I can't wait!! Billionaire is 24,000 words over so far, and it seems like the Neverending Story. lol I haven't come up with a title for the next bear one….got to think on that too. Thanks so much for loving it!!

    • this year!!! I have been working on the cover for that one. It will be a Christmas story, and I’ve started writing on it. (Last Christmas, actually, then had to stop because I got a contract for 3 books)…so as soon as I finish this wolf book, I’m going to jump on it again. Claiming the White Bear. 🙂 ❤

      • Thank you for the update. I get your books asap. Keep up the good work. Sue

  5. Terry:
    I own all your wolf and jaguar books in paperback. Now I have learned is that you are re-releasing some of the original books but with Novelas in addition to the original story. Is there anyway I can obtain the Novelas without having to buy the entire book all over again?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Judy, and thanks so much! I asked my editor and she said they’re going to put them in a book of their own after the final 10th Anniversary book releases. I just sent in Wolf Fever’s, so it will come out in November, and I need to write Heart of the Highland Wolf’s one next. It should come out next year. I’m not sure how many more I have after that. I think they’re redoing them up to, but not including SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing. 🙂 ❤

  6. Terry, Will there be anymore Silver Town books, Seal book, or Highland Wolf books coming out still or are those series finished? I have really loved all your wolf books, I still have to read the Jaguar, cougar, and bear books. But the other question i have is the red wolf series in portland, oregon.. is that Leidolf Wildhaven’s pack???? I have been hoping you would write about the people there.

    Thank you

    • Hey, Sabra! Yeah, more Silver Town Books–Wolff Bros is set in Silver Town–so I have the 2nd one coming out next year, just finished writing it. The Wolf Wore Plaid is the brand new Highland book with Grant’s brother coming in April. And I have the Joy to the Wolves, red wolf coming out in just a couple of weeks with Leidolf’s pack. Then next year, another red wolf book. 🙂 I need to write a cougar story for this year, and hope to write a Halloween cougar novella also. So lots of writing going on. lol 🙂 Glad you love them!!!

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