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51 thoughts on “Newsletter Sign Up

    • Ah, thanks so much, Vic! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! As I’m working on the next book, words of encouragement like yours make a world of difference! I’m thrilled you loved it!

  1. Yes I did and I found you on Facebook and friend you there! I been showing your books to everyone! It’s been awhile when I can go through 5 books in a week. You writing is brilliant and kept me going. I don’t have all of your books yet but I’m going to!

    • Thanks so much, Susan! Yes! Call of the Cougar was just finished, but I have to proof it and my computer is still in the shop. Plus I’m going to conference and have edits on A Silver Wolf Christmas. So it will be a while. But it’s coming! And also, they’re working on Jaguar Fever! Savage Hunger is already out.

      And Killing the Bloodlust, a vampire novel, should be done soon. The narrator told me she’s almost finished with it.

      And Huntress for Hire, a vampire novel, was done, but she mispronounced Adonis’s name, so she has to go through the whole book and pronounce it correctly. When we started, I told her how it was pronounced. It’s a Greek mythology god’s name, the god of beauty and desire, so too many would know how it’s pronounced correctly to let it slide.

      Soooo, yep, more to come! Thanks so much for loving my work, Susan!! 🙂 ❤

  2. I have read all of your wolf books just start the jaguar books. I want to thank you so much for your books. My library does not have you new highlander series in ebooks format, but I will come up with the money and get the books on my nook as soon as I can. I have to read all your books becaues I love everything I have read by you. Again thank you for your books

    • Yvonne, you so totally made my day! I am in the finishing touches of A SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, and believe me, your comment really makes me feel good when I’m working so hard to finish a book. Or start one. Or when I get stuck in the middle. 🙂 Thanks so much, lady! 🙂 ❤

  3. Have all your books of the Wolf series and the Jaguar series can’t wait until more. They make reading enjoyable keeping writing wonderful stories.

    • Barbara, you totally made my day! It’s 19 degrees out–for Texas, that’s cold, and I’m working on revising SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, then jumping on the next Silver wolf book, so your words really mean a lot to me! Thanks so much! 🙂 ❤

  4. Was there a book called “A seal wolf for sale”? I thought at one point I seen that title somewhere on your page?? Or did that replace “Seal wolf Hunting”?

    • Yes, Sasha! Thanks for asking. They changed the title to SEAL Wolf Hunting, and that is Paul’s story. It’ll be out July 7. Allan’s story: SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, will be out in Feb, I believe. 🙂 She-Wolf Leader of the Pack, not sure if they’ll change the title, but that one is Eric Silver’s story, so another Silver Wolf tale, will be out after that. 🙂

      • What about “A silver wolf Christmas”? is it still coming out this oct? Will Seal wolf diving for trouble be the book after that or before?
        Sorry for the question lol. I love your books. So far I have all of them but a couple of them and i’m having a hard time finding them but hopefully i’ll be able to soon.

  5. Thanks for loving them, Sasha! Yes, A Silver Wolf Christmas is coming out in October. I think you’ll really love it too. Then SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble is coming out in Feb, I believe She-Wolf in June, August for The Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, and then Jaguar Jingle Bells(title might change), for a Christmas release on jaguars.

    • Oh i have no doubt I’ll love them. I fell in love with your books within the first chapter of “heart of the wolf.” i’ll be honest though I love the books about Silver town more than the others, not sure why but I do lol. I’ve been waiting for a silver wolf Christmas. I love the Jaguar series as well. Usually the day or the day after your books are released i go get them lol. I haven’t been able to read the cougar series though, I haven’t been able to find the books in my local stores and having 3 kids one of which a newborn its hard to go from store to store looking for them. lol. I swear you are the only Author I read that has more than two books coming out in one year and I love it. I’m a big fan of two other authors (Sherriyln Kenyon and Christine Feehan) and I get teased with their series I read because only 1 or 2 books come out a year. lol Thank you for your writings.

      • A lot of readers love the Silver brothers. I think it’s because it was so family oriented. And they run their own town. I have that in the cougar series and it’s lots of fun. Just ask your book store to order the cougar series. They can do that. 🙂 Wow, on the newborn, I can imagine and having 3 children, it makes it rough to run errands! When mine were little, I remember those days! If you can’t get the cougar books, let me know and you can send me a check or paypal, and I can send them to you autographed. 🙂 ❤

  6. Just wanted to say I’ve read almost all your books now. Some more than once. Right now I’m enjoying your Historical Highlander Romance novels. I’m almost finished with the fifth and already anticipating The Viking’s Highland Lass, as well as your further releases in your Werewolf and Jaguar series.

    Keep up the great work and may your days be filled with happiness!!!

    • Thanks so much, Orthella!! 🙂 Did you read the anthology Kissing the Highlander? I wrote a fun prequel in that, but when I did, it changed the direction of where I wanted to go with Gunnolf’s story as the baby in the prequel is the spitfire he ends up with. Her mother is one too, of course! Everyone loved them so much, we’re going to have another out next year. Maybe two, and I’ll be writing the brothers’ stories. Thanks so much!! SEAL Wolf Hunting is coming next! Out Jul 7!

  7. Love all of your books ! Can’t wait for the new highlander book to come out , heck I can’t wait for all the new booksofa to come out !!

  8. I have a number of your novels Terry. A few days ago, I bought “A Silver Wolf Christmas” in paperback; and I just purchased the “Alpha’s Unwrapped Anthology” for my Kindle so I could read “Covert Cougar Christmas”.

    Is there a listing of the Book Order for your Series? I’ve been trying to figure it out since I like to read my books in order and I see that there is a Highland Werewolf Series and a Heart of a Wolf Series; and now I’m wondering if there is a Cougar Series…

    Any information you could pass my way would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You!!!

  9. What books are related to the book A Silver Wolf Christmas other then Silence of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf and Dream of the Wolf. Would love to read about the other members of The Silver pack.

    • Hi, Deborah! Thanks! I was out of town and just got home. Destiny of the Wolf starts the whole Silver saga. Then Wolf Fever, Dreaming of the Wolf, Silence of the Wolf, and A Silver Wolf Christmas. 🙂 ❤

  10. I have read all your Silver Wolf Pack books. I can’t remember ever seeing what Darien & Lelandi had. I know they had triplets, but what sexes?? I might have read it & just don’t remember (getting old)

    • lol, In Silence of the Wolf, I mentioned they had 2 boys and a girl. Thanks so much for asking. I have so many books going, I’d forgotten! They’ll be mentioned in Alpha Need Not Apply next year. 🙂

  11. Eagerly waiting for Seal wolf into Deep to come out. Seems like its been forever for a new book lol.
    Any chance you can tell me when a new Jaguar Book will be released?
    Thank you for your time once again!
    Sasha Sparks

      • I still haven’t been able to find any of the cougar books where I live, and I’ve been to several places. Oh I can’t wait for the polar bears. I’m so excited to see what you bring to life in that serious. If they are anything like the wolves and Jaguars I won’t be able to put it down.

  12. I am a little confused on what to call the wolf series? Heart of the Wolf or the Silver Town Wolf series or both. Silver Town is a continuation of the Heart of the Wolf series, but they are listed separately for ordering the books. (At lease on Amazon)
    Also will the Heart of the Wolf ever be on audio? Would love that to happen. I love all your shifter series.

    • Thanks so much, Carolyn! It’s the Heart of the Wolf series, but the publisher, or someone, is listing them as different books. I sure hope all the Heart of the Wolf books will be on audio! They started with SEAL Wolf Hunting, A Silver Wolf Christmas, Billionaire are coming up and they’re doing all the jaguar books in audiobook. Everything since Silver Wolf is being produced in audio also. I was listening to one of the jaguar books when I was running errands today. I love audiobooks!! I think Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply and SEAL Wolf in Too Deep will be also. I’ll have to keep checking and let you all know. I did a search and didn’t see them anywhere online yet. But the audiobook rights person is trying to sell the whole series. Thanks so much!!!

  13. I love The magic of Inherian: Scepter of Salvation and Mage of Monrovia! When is the third book coming out?

    • Thanks so much, Nancy!! Probably next year. I’m booked for deadlines this year. It’s started, but I keep having to write other books! Thanks so much for loving it!! 🙂 ❤

    • oh, thanks so much, Lori! 🙂 Are you looking for print books? I think they can only be purchased through Amazon. For ebooks, they’re at Kobo, Amazon, Google Play, iBooks. 🙂

  14. Terry, my daughter and I both love your wolf series set in Silverton, CO! In fact, we are taking a road trip to visit later this year just to see the town. Do you have any “must see” places to suggest? (I also read all your other shifter series as well, but it is certainly fun to share your wolf series with my daughter!) Thank you for many hours of enjoyment in this crazy world!!

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