99 Cents USD–SEAL Wolf in Too Deep–limited time!

SEAL Wolf in Too Deep

Love spells danger for an alpha SEAL wolf and the woman who steals his heart in this steamy shifter romance from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear

His love is dangerous
As a Navy SEAL and police diver, alpha wolf shifter Allan Rappaport knows how to handle tough situations, but the arrival of a human diving partner-especially one as attractive as Debbie Renaud-is a whole new challenge. Getting involved is dangerous, but Debbie’s offers are hard to resist. As the heat between them rises and a murder plot thickens, Allan is on the brink of exposing his biggest secret.

But she’s diving in headfirst
For Debbie, working with another top-notch diver like Allan is too good to be true, and their mutual attraction is hotter than she could have dreamed. Debbie suspects he’s hiding something, though, and she’s set on figuring it out-one off-duty rendezvous at a time. But when Debbie gets between a werewolf hunter and his intended victim, suddenly she is plunged straight into the heart of Allan’s world-a world she never knew existed.

Praise for USA Today bestseller A SEAL in Wolf ‘s Clothing:
“Delightful… The characters are spirited and realistic. You’ll be captivated.” -Thoughts in Progress

SEAL Wolf in Too Deep (Book 18) Feb, 2016!

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/SEAL-Wolf-Too-Deep-Heart/dp/1492621838

2 thoughts on “99 Cents USD–SEAL Wolf in Too Deep–limited time!

  1. Hi Terry, thanks for this email. However I have been checking Amazon since I received the email and the ebook price stayed at $5.68. Not .99 cents. How limited was this 5 minutes?
    I know it was not your error I just wanted you to know.

    Thank you anyways!

    Love a fan,

    • Hey, Linda, I’m so sorry. It was showing 99 cents for a few days, but I looked when I sent my newsletter out for the new release yesterday, I think, and it was already off sale. I don’t have any way to give a free copy, but if you’d like one for a book other than a wolf or jaguar book, since that’s through my publisher, just email me. terryspear@ymail.com 🙂 ❤ Thanks for loving my books!!!

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