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His Wild Highland Lass

His Wild Highland Lass
Lady Sorcha Barclay has fled her sister’s husband’s castle because of his unwanted advances, except men steal her horse, and she makes the mistake of not keeping to the cover of the nearby forest. An awe-inspiring circle of standing stones capture her attention and she captures the attention of the laird who owns the land.
Laird Ronan Daziel takes Sorcha to his castle to protect her and give her a home, but before long, he wants much more. He’s duty-bound to take a wife whose clan wishes an alliance with his. So why does he long to have something more? Everyone loves the lass just as much as he does. But he has pledged his loyalty to his clan and taking Sorcha to wife could lead to battle on several fronts. How can he not take her for his own when she stole his heart from the first moment he laid eyes on her near the ancient standing stones on his lands?
Note: This is still available in Kissing the Highlander anthology now offered as an individual novella


Lady Aila MacIntosh hopes she doesn’t regret the king’s marital choices for her and her sister. Until one braw Highlander bumps into her at the king’s gathering. He’s as taken with her as she is with him, until she learns he is but a commoner, when she is a lady. The king would never make a match between them. Alban of the Clan Daziel meets a beautiful woman at the king’s court, only she is a lady and out of his reach. When the lady and he meet under awkward circumstances, they chance to overhear a plot to assassinate the king. Their lives spiral out of control and losing his heart to Aila is only one of his pressing concerns. Protecting her from those who wish the king dead—his greatest.

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Covert Cougar Christmas

Bridget Sinclair, new Special Agent with the Cougar Special Forces Division that takes down rogue cougars, has a mission—permanently stop two shifters from distributing a new drug in Cheyenne, Wyoming. While investigating, she rescues a man they’ve tranquilized and learns Travis MacKay is a cougar shifter with the same law enforcement agency. Winter advisories are in effect for the Christmas holidays, but that doesn’t cool off the sizzling heat spiraling out of control between the two agents as they covertly team up to take down the drug-runners.

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Whoops, I’d been working so hard on Night of the Wolf, I forgot to finish this. *sigh*
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