Charming Chimpanzee Photo Art

Usually, I get a lot of backsides of animals when I go to a zoo to take pictures. I still did when I went to the zoo, but I also got some remarkable photos when some of the primates came over and looked like they were posing just for me.

This big chimp came over to sit on a ribbon of canvas. They’re so well balanced. He just put his fist down to keep from tilting and then he finished his elegant pose.

Well, I spent most of the day, trying to get through the edits on White Wolf Moon last night. I managed to get through all the rest of the chapters. I need to write acknowledgements this morning and then the book is off. I worked on a 1,000 words of Billionaire first thing also, and sent a bunch of photos to my daughter, which took some time. And played with a couple of photos of my own.

I realized next week is spring break, so I will be able to concentrate on all the stuff I have to do without taking care of little one. Though I’m preparing a St. Patrick’s Day dinner on Wednesday for us. 🙂 So hoping to get some great word count on Billionaire and You Had Me at Cougar.

Taxes are next. That was the thing I was forgetting I have to do this weekend. I knew there was something else that was hanging over my head. I was just looking forward to writing new stories instead.  *sigh*

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’ve got to get busy!


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