Morpho Butterfly Art & Fighting for Word Count

The morpho butterfly has big “eyed” wings to scare off predators, but when it spreads its wings, on top, it has the prettiest blue coloring. They’re very unafraid and one was riding on the back of my sweater, traveling with me throughout the butterfly exhibit.

Okay, using 4thewords, I managed another 5,000 words yesterday on the new novella. So I have 10K now, halfway done–for the minimum word count I shoot for. I usually write between 25K-30K on a novella. I’m hoping to get another 5,000 today and tomorrow. I ended up going to my daughter and SIL’s house yesterday because my granddaughter was missing me. We had pizza and she slept in my arms for 2 hours. She’s such a sweetie.

I was setting up my battle strategy last night for the quest I’m on for today, 700 words in 130 mins, though once I have a scene in mind, I’m done in maybe 20 mins? Not sure. I wrote 1,000 words to battle a different kind of monster yesterday, and I typed as fast as I could, and was done in about that much time.

Before I write, I have to think of where I’m going with the story. then once I have an idea, I click on the fight the monster and the timer is set, and I’m off and racing. I had been fighting one monster for 250 words at a time, which is easy, quick and after 4 times of battles, I have 1,000 words easy. I also was battling one that was only 100 words at a time. It’s great when I’m not sure of what to say and I can get the 100 words quickly, so something done on the mss anyway. It’s especially good if I have to keep running to do other things, battle a monster, let the dogs out, battle a monster, let the dogs in, battle a monster, check the cooking. lol I often just click on him 3 times in succession to fight him though, because I’m on a roll, so end up with 300 words.

One of the quests I want to do today is for 3,000 words. I don’t know how that one works, but if it’s just to get it done for the day, I can, because I’ve been doing 5,000 words a day. I did one where it’s endurance–type as fast as you can for 5 mins. That was awful! I kept at the top of the scale, in the green the whole time, and in 5 mins managed to write 278 words. So it was good as far as getting something done, but it means a lot of mistakes that I had to correct afterwards. However, it forces me to just get the story down and not worry about making the mistakes and it was good story material. Which is the main thing.

When I went to my kids’ house, I ended up bringing back mending projects. My daughter can sew, but since I make teddy bears, my granddaughter believes I’m the only one who can fix her toys or clothes. lol I have her help me, so she’s learning to thread needles and sew. By the time she’s 4, maybe she can really sew. Maybe I can teach her how to embroider, hook rugs, make pot holders. My daughter was never interested in needlework. No one in my family was, so I taught myself and loved it. Which is how I turned a fun hobby of embroidery work into making teddy bears with personalized paws!

Okay, I’ve got some monsters to battle! Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “Morpho Butterfly Art & Fighting for Word Count

  1. How about Knit, Crochet, Weave and Tat also then she will be able to make anything. My gran decided as a female that I should learn everything, Right now making quilt for new 3x’s great grandson with Spiderman on it and blanket for new great granddaughter that my granddaughter found out she was pregnant with at 34 weeks and had at 36 weeks. LOL That makes #35 &36 grands-3X greats. with 14 more under 18 years. I have to live to at least 110 to see them all

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