The Wolf Wore Plaid

Are you ready for some more Highland wolf loving? This one comes out next year. 🙂❤ Make some room for him because you’re going to want him, guaranteed. 🙂 April 27, 2021!! 🙂❤

It’s coming, yay! I had to run to the grocery store first thing, and I was weeding, now back to edits on Wolff Brothers 2. I’m on chapter 10, long ways to go. I need to add a couple of things and just looking for anything else I need to change before I turn it in.

I saw a BEAUTIFUL rainbow yesterday, nearly burned my grilled cheese sandwich when I saw it because food went out the window, and I was trying to capture the rainbow instead. We rarely see them here.

It has to be a good luck rainbow, with unicorns and such. Of course!

I’ll try and share it and some of the hummingbird pictures if any turned out later. I need to download them to my computer first.

Have a great day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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