The Viking’s Highland Lass is Out! Highland Rake on Sale for 99 cents!

Also, if you haven’t read the series, Highland Rake, book 3 is 99 cents right now, and the first two books, Winning the Highlander’s Heart and The Accidental Highland Hero are in a set for $3.99, less than the price of one book!


Gunnolf was left for dead when he was young as he went on one of his kin’s raids, but finds his way to the Highlands and a home with the MacNeill Clan. The clan’s seer warns him he must rescue a woman in need, only he rescues the wrong woman. Yet, Brina is in need. Her father, wounded in battle by Gunnolf’s own kind, must oust the tyrant who has taken his place if he is to rule. Yet he needs Gunnolf’s help, but Gunnolf learns Brina’s father had killed Gunnolf’s brother.

Brina is torn between hating the Viking who has rescued her, and knowing that his kin had killed her grandfather in an age old tale of fighting between their people, and loving the man who took her under his protection, and the wolf cub she insists on rescuing.

Now, Gunnolf must make a choice: wed the lass as her father has insisted and restore her father’s position as chief of his clan when he’s not sure her father is trustworthy, hoping he can obtain a peace between his people and hers, or leave well enough alone and stay with the MacNeill Clan, his family for the past ten years. The problem is one sweet Highland lass that makes him want a woman–this woman–to warm his bed and have his bairns and to protect and cherish, when having a wife was the furthest notion from his mind…until one prediction changed his whole life.

2 thoughts on “The Viking’s Highland Lass is Out! Highland Rake on Sale for 99 cents!

  1. Great Series!! I’ve had a sneak peek at The Viking Highland Lass is awesome. That’s Gunnolf’s book finally. We waited for James MacNeill to give him time off , so he could finally find love. But of course Terry didn’t make it easy. He had to find the right Highland Lass. I guess as they say. Three’s a charm. *laughing* And you’ll have to read the book to find out, if what they say about Vikings is true. This Viking has the best sword in the HIGHLANDS. *laughing*

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