NEW Contracted Books for 2017!!

 Barnes and Noble, Woodlands, Texas

For this year, A SEAL Wolf in Too Deep just was released last week.

SEAL Wolf in Too Deep

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (487x800)

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply is coming in May.

Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, just approved the cover and will be sharing soon, releases July 5.

A Very Jaguar Christmas releases Oct.

And the new sales???

Loving the Silver Wolf, Spring, 2017

SEAL Wolf Undercover, Summer, 2017

White Wolf Christmas, Oct, 2017

Howling Wolf in Snow


10 thoughts on “NEW Contracted Books for 2017!!

  1. YEAH!!!!! I’m so glad .NOW, I know I will have lots more hot wolves to read. Boy, I need one of them wrapped around me now here in Minnesota. KEEP THEM COMING!!!!

  2. I’m excited about the new contracted books for 2017, but had a question about the jaguar series. Will there be any books beyond the jaguar Christmas book? Are the jaguars simply going to be recurring characters in the wolf books? please clarify, because I LOVE both series! thank you

    • Thanks, Melanie!!! Yes, I’m sure I’ll have some more jaguar books, but this next year, I’m combining them in two of the stories. 🙂 But they need their time too. 🙂 I also have a cougar shifter series, and I’m writing the first polar book shifter this year. 🙂 Hope to have it out by December. 🙂 Thanks so much for loving my books!!

  3. I love your books! Just one question…will A Very Jaguar Christmas be Everett’s story? If not, who will it be? Dying to know!!! Thanks!

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